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Are you seeking change in your life?

Dragonhill is a place focused on holistic thinking and action within human health, personal development and spirituality. Our aim is to inspire change by providing a space for people to regain connection to them self, and to nature. 


We are continuously organizing various courses and retreats, such as Digital Detox, Art therapy, and movement and meditation seminars. 

Dragonhill is located in North Zealand on Arrenæs with sloping hills down to one of the largest lakes in Denmark, Arresø. The farm is built in wood and has always been cultivated either organically or biodynamically.


The site is part of the North Zealand National Park and provides many beautiful hiking opportunities and stunning views. 

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"Through my whole stay at Dragebjerg I was met with much warmth and kindness. The nature around me, the gardening and mindful cooking gave me a feeling of being part of a meaningful wholeness. The Digitale Detox days gave me a space of freedom and the possibility of a stressfree and recreating stay. I regained my strength and the power to make changes in my live."


Lydia S., 23 from Switzerland

"Once I put my foot at the farm, I had the feeling I was taken to another place where time has stopped, the stress of the modern world had vanished and I could enjoy the quietness, the beauty of the scenery and dive into the silence of that beautiful nature. Long walks in the forest and along the lake helped me to relax, to relieve the tensions in my body and soothe my mind. After a few days, I felt rejuvenated and also thanks to Barbara and Erik who are such wonderful people who made me feel comfortable and at home immediately. Thank you for your great hospitality!"

M, 51 years old, from Paris

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