Erik and Barbara

Our vision is to contribute to a change on our planet, for the benefit of people, animals and nature. We want to inspire new thoughts and create an elevated consciousness surrounding new actions in all areas of society and in social life. We wish to revolutionize in a peaceful way, because we see renewal as a necessity, for example within the economy, politics, health/medicine, environment, sustainability, agriculture, animal husbandry and self-development. 

It is our belief that we must learn from one another. That is why we are opening the doors for workshops, seminars and more, for mutual inspiration. No one knows everything, and what may be true at one point, may not be so at another.


I was born and raised in Northern Germany, and have lived in a variety of different countries. I believe that for my entire conscious life, I have been on a path for positive change. I regard this as a red thread going through my life; to create positive change wherever I reside or work, as well as within myself. 

This happens on many levels, f. ex.  in the daily presence of another human being or an animal, and in larger associations where a renewal can take place. Simplicity and honesty are two pillars I would like to integrate with all my actions. For me, life is a big river, and I try to keep myself in movement without losing foothold. As David W. Orr said I wish to: "[…] teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation, and wildness.“ 


I was born and raised in Southern Jutland during a time where daily life involved a lot of manual labour and direct human interaction. This has had a profound influence on me, and from when I was very young, I have worked in farming and agriculture, and have dealt directly with cattle and horses, and through this close interaction, I have obtained a solid grounding. I am a pioneer in body and spirit, and where new thinking and action can blossom and create positive change for animals, nature, and people, is where my deepest interest resides.

I am the chairman of the bord of directors at Biosa Danmark and the founder and a farmer at Dragonhill Farm, and together with Barbara and Maja I am creating the place Dragonhill. I am engaged in political work in Denmark and a consultant for economic advisory.

Academically I am a chartered accountant.


I grew up on a farm close to Dragebjerg and was lucky to live side by side with nature. Today I have a strong wish to contribute to people getting a closer relationship to nature and thereby to themselves. I am passionate about sustainable farming, localized food systems and communities that can serve as a ground to personal and societal transformations. 


Besides working on Dragebjerg I am employed as a project coordinator at Biosa Denmark. I have a master degree in environmental studies and sustainability science and a background in philosophy. 

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