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Dragonhill Farm

At Dragebjerg, our vision is to create a community in nature with other people, centred around the farm's communal gardens and activities with children in nature.

Furthermore, at Dragebjerg we show compassion for the bees, and the old Danish livestock breeds such as goats and chickens, as well as pigs in the near future.

 All of this is based on an organic and wholesome foundation, that respects the geographical location of a natural conservation area with Celtic burial sites.



Communal gardening

Common Green is an initiative of Dragebjerg, at Dragonhill Farm at Frederiksvaerk, where all interested parties can participate in the cultivation of vegetables in a common garden. The initiative has been running the last 3 years but is put on hold in 2018.


The garden is grown with inspiration from ecological, biodynamic and permaculture principles. Each year we prepare a cultivation plan. Everyone contributes to: preparing the soil, so, weeding and harvesting throughout the season, depending on the time people have available. The produce in the fall season we share between us. Occasionally joint meetings are held around the garden and communal eating where we eat the vegetables we have grown.


More than "just" vegetables

Common Green gives you more than vegetables to take home - Common Green is a learning community and an opportunity to restore contact to the earth through practical work.


We have at the farm many years of experience with especially biodynamic agriculture. In addition, we have a strong desire to use and test new methods for sustainable cultivation, such as beneficial microorganisms (probiotic bacteria), charcoal, hummus, etc. Participating in Common Green allows you to gain insight and practical experience with all this.


In addition, common greening allows for earthing - which is the activity of having physical contact with the ground through your hands and feet. Earthing is of great importance to our physical and mental health, as the earth's ions create balance in our bodies.


Children are very welcome to either participate in the cultivation or together with parents to play in the surrounding nature and greet the farm animals (goats, cats, chickens and bees). Children unfolding and creating contact with nature is one of the most important things in order to develop into a healthy and whole human being.


Practical information

Annual amount for participation in the Common Green is DKK 1000, payable at the first meeting in cash. The amount covers the purchase of seeds, preparation of the soil, maintenance of tools / machines and harvest for your own use.


You decide how often you want to participate. There will usually always be someone from Dragebjerg who participates in the working days and who can provide guidance etc. We encourage members to sign up for working days no later than the day before by SMS text or email. We appreciate your coming to the first meeting.


For mere information:

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