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Natural health and therapy

Natural health is a holistic approach to understanding and communication with our health. It is essential for us to guide you in such a way, that you take responsibility for your own health by using natural methods to support a healing process. 

Natural health is not just about physiological processes in the body, but also about balance in our emotions and thoughts.


At Dragonhill, natural health is about creating balance in all aspects of life, through a series of different revitalizing therapeutic steps, which gives you the possibility of regaining responsibility for your health and thereby achieving a much more satisfying day to day life. 

Health and healing starts with a desire to change the current circumstances.

To support your healing process as thoroughly as possible, we offer individual processes, specialized just for you. We guide and support you to find your own way on your journey to achieve the status of health you desire. 

Our primary approach to health is through coaching, connectivity, earthing, dietary guidance, and therapeutic activities such as garden therapy, walk ‘n talk, meditations and psychotherapy. The most important turning point for achieving health and healing is through a transformation of habits and thought patterns, and replacing them with something that will become meaningful to your day to day life.


This work can also be done on the sidelines of treatment from your own healthcare professional, with medicinal processes or a natural doctor with homeopathic treatment.

Get your bedroom or work space checked!

Do you have chronic or unexplained health problems and pains?


As people we are constantly under the influence of various radiation influences. Some types of biofields we are more sensitive to than others, and positive and negative biofields are often spoken about, respectively. A light impact from some types of radiation is not harmful, and can in some cases even help maintain a healthy immune system.


When this form of radiation exposure becomes too excessive or is a negative type, we may be particularly physically affected. They can cause severe imbalances that the body struggles to recover from, and over prolonged periods of time, for example at your place of sleeping or at your workplace, it can lead to more chronic and severe diseases.


Åke Lindgren specializes in uncovering and neutralizing disturbing influences, such as watercourses, Curry and Hartmann crossings, radiation from the Earth and other biofields. Such influences are attenuating on human immune systems and can cause many different disease symptoms.


Order a neutralization of your bed or workplace at:


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Measure your body's imbalances through a bio-resonance scan


At Dragebjerg we offer a measurement of the body's health condition through a scanner called VievaTester. The test itself takes 1 minute and is taken as the recipient of the test is completely relaxed by sitting with your therapist and holding a handheld sensor.


The scanner activates the frequency of the cellular tissue and compares current cell activity to a standard resonance spectrum, from which an evaluation of the body's condition and imbalances is generated in digital format. The VievaTest provides a comprehensive analysis of the body's functions and health condition. The areas that can be diagnosed includes:


  • Physical fitness

  • Heavy metals and toxins

  • minerals

  • vitamins

  • amino acids

  • Gastrointestinal function


The test is based on holistic cell frequency diagnosis. Many years of research by recognized researchers have confirmed that humans have an individual cellular frequency that can be used for analytical and therapeutic purposes.


The scanner uses vibration in relation to the current physiological situation. Through an electronic analysis and comparison with extensive data from ongoing research, it is possible to provide results for further analysis in a matter of minutes.


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