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"There is no wi-fi in the forest but we promise you will get a better connection".

Philosophy & inspiration

 By Barbara Nielsen, Dragonhill

I have a great desire to share some of the peace and the positive energies we experience here on our earth and soil in North Zealand at Arresø Lake. There are so few places where we as people can be undisturbed and where our bodies can settle down. A digital detox retreat should allow you to get in touch with nature and thereby increase your presence inward and outward. Digital detox is a new phenomenon, which is a contradiction to modernity's propensity to be online via digital media around the clock.


It's a relatively new element to us as a society and people, that we can always be online, updated and accessible while there are always news streams, social media, etc. available regardless of the time during day and night. Our digital media even tells us when there are updates and news that we are interested in. I think that many people may need to be reminded of who we are without digital media that influence our behavior.


To me it is important to understand existence as a whole. If there is an imbalance in an area, such as digital overload or addiction, action can be taken in several other areas to restore a balance through, for example, diet, movement, nutritious surroundings and experiences, inspiration and meditation. In this way, it is possible to establish a new and more conscious approach to its digital consumption.


I think it's essential to give yourself, your mind and your body the necessary peace and time to recreate and to re-establish habits that benefit from a happy life-giving. Therefore, there is room and space for your own time here at my retreat, to not focus on replacing digital overstimulation with other sensory overstimulation. But instead, allow yourself time to be in nature, read a book, write down some thoughts, eat healthy and delicious, sleep deep after a long walk and have a meditative end to the day.



  • No digital technology

  • No phones, tablets, laptops, kindles, game consoles or any digital device with a screen.

  • No clocks

  • No networking

  • No workrelated conversations

  • No stress 



  • Off-the-grid accomodation

  • Daily yoga and movement

  • Guided meditations

  • Healthy organic vegetarian/vegan food 

  • Long walks in nature

  • Individual consultations

  • Inspirational talks

  • Massage and relaxation

  • Mindfulness and quietness  


  • Increased awareness and mindfulness

  • Tools to stay grounded

  • Improved sleep

  • Deeper focus

  • Decreased stress

  • Inspiration to change  mindset and behaviour

Digital detox - pull the plug for a bit


"A Quiet and relaxing environment and time for immersion in the physical world - that is the essence of digital detox, which means digital detoxification. The result should not necessarily be continuous digital abstinence. This kind of fanaticism may as well be placed on the shelf, as it is almost impossible to work in present day society without technology. 


The purpose of a digital detox, however, is to return to everyday life with a renewed relationship to the extent of the digitally founded life and to draw a line between what is good and necessary and what is definitely unhealthy. It is about finding the ideal balance of life between online and offline."

The Pej group writes on mindblogshare in its article "Digital Detox - Pull the plug for a bit." January 8th., 2015

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