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Initiator & Instructor

I am psychotherapist, educator, speechtherapist and nurse, with a great interest in care, aesthetics, art, healing food and a natural approach to health. It's a great pleasure for me to conjoin my interests by offering the digital detox retreat. On digital detox, I offer mindfull cooking and individual coaching, besides organization of the whole seminar.



I am educated in philosophy and sustainability studies and have a number of body-therapeutic courses behind me. I have a great fascination of how we can remove physical and mental blockages, thereby supporting the body's own ability to heal. Likewise, I have a great interest in the healing effect of nature. On digital detox, I offer workshops and individual body treatments.


Yoga instructor

Jeg har de sidste 15-20 år undervist i bevægelse, yoga og meditation. I min yoga undervisning er det vigtigt for mig, at alle har en mulighed for at følge med, og jeg møder mine elever der hvor de er energimæssigt. 

Nærvær, ro fordybelse og tryghed skaber rammerne for min undervis-ning. Til daglig arbejder jeg også med musik. Jeg spiller guitar, skriver sange og arrangerer sang cirkler med hjerteåbnende mantrasange.

For mig er yoga, meditation, dans, musik og sang vejen til ro i hjerte, krop og sjæl. 



I am a pioneer of the body and soul and have a great interest in how we create health for both humans, animals and the earth. On a daily basis I am the chairman of the board in the company Biosa, which produces lactic acid bacteria products. On digital detox retreats, I will do presentations on various topics of health and also guide certain meditations.



I am born and raised 2 houses from Dragebjerg and have always enjoyed visiting the farm. I have a big passion for animals and love spending time in nature. My wish is one day to become a 

veterinarian.  The past 5 years, I have assisted cleaning at Dragebjerg. At Digital Detox, I will help out with different practicalities. 

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